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Currently Active: Landscaping. Growing stuff in this coastal environment.
Currently Active: Occupation. We furnish the house.
February 2005 - August 2005: Interior Finishing. With the important stuff already done, a few minor details are worked out (ha!).
February 2005 - August 2005: Exterior Finishing. The house exterior is finished with a mind toward the tough weather.
Currently Active: Systems. The house systems (plumbing, HVAC, electrical, data and communication networks) are put together.
October 2004 -January 2005: Framing. The bones of the house take shape.
Late September 2004: Erecting the pilings. Construction is underway! The lot is cleared, batter boards are set and pilings are sunk in the sand..
Mid-September 2004: Demolition. Photos and video of the demolition of the old house.
Early September 2004: Pre-Demolition. Preparations for D-Day. Moving, utility disconnects, and alternate quarters