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Oct. 13, 2004. I missed the delivery of our pilings, but a few days later I caught the delivery of pilings across the street at #7 East Lee.
Oct. 7. Jeff & his dad set up his laser level before trimming the piles to the precise heights.
Oct. 6. Moving the crane out of the site is challenging due to all the overhead wires.
Oct. 6. The 3000 Lb hammer comes down. Boom! Wow! The whole ground shakes. See also video 3 and video 4.
Oct. 6. The pile driver is used to pound the piles down to their final depth, compressing the sand beneath.
Oct. 6. The driver frame is manuvered onto each individual pile to drive them the last two feet.
Oct. 6. The pile driver crane arrives at daybreak for the last step.
Oct. 5. All piles have been placed. The white sand and water jet craters have created a lunar appearance.
Sept. 30. The pit drains rapidly.
Sept. 30. As deep as the water jet goes, it encounters nothing but white beach sand.
Sept. 30. Everything is looking straight and plumb.
Sept. 30. The jet runs continuously, so the pit serves its purpose by holding in the water.
Sept. 30. This is great to see. The piles line up along the batterboard strings.
Sept. 30. At the Bay, a diesel pump keeps the water flowing to the jet.
Sept. 30. Water for the jet comes from the Bay and must be passed under the Blvd via fire hoses through the storm sewers.
Sept. 30. The shovel brings the piles to the locations indicated by the strings. The pilings are dropped into holes formed by the jet.
Sept. 30. The water jet tool is a section of 2 in pipe and some pressure hose. Also see water jet video 1 and video 2.
Sept. 28. A mysterious artifact is turned up. Perhaps a brick pier from a much earlier house that was on the site?
Sept. 28. The pile guys use the shovel to create a pit that will keep the jet water from leaving the property.
Sept. 27. Batter boards and strings will leave little to chance.
Sept. 27. The piles have been delivered. We needed a new sign to make sure materials are left at the right address.
Sept. 27, 2004. The lot is cleared and house corner stakes set.. Jeff and his dad have set up the batter boards.