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May 30, 2006. The top of the stair system as seen from the attic. These stairs are from a Danish manufacturer through a US importer, although they are labeled "Made in Czechoslovakia." Go figure...
May 30. When fully deployed, the stairs reach 10 feet down to the floor.
May 30. The stairs deploy by being pulled down with a hooked pole. It first tilts down and then the scissor hinges stretch out.
May 30. Despite being aluminum, the stair unit still weighs about 40 lbs. Getting it into position and bolting it on (while on a ladder and in a closet) was a strain.
May 11. This is the cast aluminum attic stair set, uncrated. This project will require a little more time. More on this later (above).
May 11. The workshop & storage room partition is complete. I used vinyl/fiber composite trim molding. The door is a simple Masonite luan prehung unit.
Apr 10. All the power tools in the world don't seem to help the sheetrock get finished any quicker on the new partition. It is also slowed by the shore humidity. Joint compound takes forever to dry.
Apr 4. I have long planned to divide the lower level back room so that we can have a lockable workshop & storage room. Here I've put up the stud partitions. A framing nailer and powered miter saw help this part go quickly
May 11, 2006. I put these two pressure treated standards together, stained them and erected them for the outdoor clothesline. The clothesline is right outside the outdoor shower.
Dec 20, 2005. Those are some of the interior shutters that I installed. The occupation is nearly complete.
Dec 20. Our furnishings are moved in and main liviing area starts to look lived in.
Aug 28. It's had at least 3 owners and at least 3 locations, but after I repaired a compressor overload sensor the refrigerator still works. Jayne is quick to point out the manufacturer. (She very proudly works for GE.)
Aug 28. Whew! We've been worried about whether the refrigerator would fit up the narrow stair tower. It does... with an easy 1/4" to spare. I could have gained 2 inches by removing the doors if necessary. The alternative was to use a boom crane and hoist it to a deck three floors up.
Aug 28, 2005. I hired a different local moving company, Classic Reliable Movers, to bring our stuff back from the rented storage space. They did a great job at a great price. I can enthusiastically recommend them.