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Year 2017

Jeff Fisher Carpentry
Additions, alterations & custom homes on LBI. See our Shore House link on this page. Gets my highest recommendation!

House Blog Sources is unfortunately gone and sorely missed. Here are some other sites that may fill the gap:
A new start at a house blog collection and RSS aggregator by a notable former contributor.
'a new community site for all of us working on, blogging about, and looking for inspiration on all things related to our homes.
'We are on a mission to build the ultimate house blogging blogroll.'

Pre-purchase Greenwich II 2017 Photo Gallery

another gallery

I didn't know that I was looking for another house. OK, perhaps at some point I did express a desire for a three-car garage, but it was more of a "wouldn't it be great to not be shuffling cars around?" wish. And of course, being close to the water is always a nice thing. So, yeah, I might have said that, also.

Then, this Spring, Jayne was casually perusing local real estate on the Web.

"Hmmm..." she said, "Take a look at this property. After all, it does have your three-car garage." My three-car garage? Well...

It is an interesting location and an interesting house. It even has a sophisticated underground stormwater management system (not just drainpipes, mind you, but a whole darn management system). My engineer heart skipped a beat. Before I knew it, we were once again drawn into the home ownership vortex. There was the familiar "we don't need the house, but the house needs us" justification.

So here we are again: Another house, full of opportunities, and these photos introduce some of them.

Since we are still pre-closing on the property, these are just photos without much description. More details will be coming in August

Painting 2017Photo Gallery

another gallery

Watch this space.





Yard Work 2017Photo Gallery

another gallery

Watch this space.