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Year 2017

Jeff Fisher Carpentry
Additions, alterations & custom homes on LBI. See our Shore House link on this page. Gets my highest recommendation!

House Blog Sources is unfortunately gone and sorely missed. Here are some other sites that may fill the gap:
A new start at a house blog collection and RSS aggregator by a notable former contributor.
'a new community site for all of us working on, blogging about, and looking for inspiration on all things related to our homes.
'We are on a mission to build the ultimate house blogging blogroll.'

Carpentry 2017Photo Gallery

another gallery

Before the paint is applied to woodwork, there has to be the right woodwork. Much effort is going into assuring that everything is right from the start.





Painting 2017Photo Gallery

another gallery

Oh, yes, the paint. That was an eyeful! The paint on the interior of this house as sold has been, well, controversial among realtors and potential buyers. Now that we own it, it's up to us to address those controversies. That means a careful selection of new, broadly-appealing colors, lots of paint and a LOT of work.





General Improvements 2017Photo Gallery

another gallery

There are countless jobs that don't fall into the other broad categories. I'll try to capture most of them here as we progress.





Systems 2017Photo Gallery

another gallery

Holy cow! That's a lot of stuff! From data networking to the driveway pavement heaters, I try to make it all work.





Yard Work 2017Photo Gallery

another gallery

Not all the fun is on the inside.





Pre-purchase Photos 2017 Photo Gallery

another gallery

Photos in this section were all taken of the Greenwich II property before we owned it, there is not much text description due to privacy concerns. More details will be coming in the newer pages