February 12. On this frozen land... Jayne and Janice scan the property. It becomes clear that we will need to reverse the architect's plan left-to-right and rotate it about 40 degrees.
March 30. Footings being poured. The base for the octagon is in the foreground.
April 14. Panoramic view, before foundation walls.
May 5. Foundation walls, view from rear.
May 5. Panoramic view of foundation walls. Octagon is in the foreground.
May 26. The rain stops for the first time in almost two weeks and the first floor joists and underlayment go down. Austin is standing in future rear stairway.
May 26. Front door entry framing. Austin checks out window to be under front porch.
May 26. Composite panoramic view of early 1st floor framing.
May 28. 1st floor framing is nearly done. View from rear. Exetrior and interior walls are nearly framed. Everyone's less than certain about the zig-zag between the mudroom and the kitchen, so that is being left to last.
May 28. Our Math Wizard psyches out the design trigonometry. Jackie reviews the plans at the job site. Dig that octagon…
May 28. View from the front. Sticks rise from the mud.
June 2. Second floor framing underway. Framers are hustling in 96 degree weather. They joke about this "little job," as they say they usually do "15- 20,000 square foot homes." Wow, not in this neighborhood!
June 2. Composite photo. View from the rear.
June 2. Composite photo. View from the left rear. First floor family room and second floor master bath are in foreground.
June 9. Rafter framing over the garage section is complete. This includes some impressive cantilevering like we've never seen before. The framers are unfazed. Apparently, they have done a lot of these.
June 9. The view from the street side becomes a little clearer.
June 9. The octagon and the surrounding porch take shape.
June 9. View from the rear. Framers are working on details of the rafter cantilevers from a cherry-picker. The temperature is in the high 90's. They don't mind. You have to love these guys.
June 9. A hint of all the detail work ahead: View from the family room into the breakfast area and kitchen. Many, many hours of debate, decisions and work remain in this area. "I saw Jacaranda granite once. I think it was in Crete."
June 23. All sheathing is on.
June 23. The dormers over the garage are framed.
June 23. View of the rear. Framers are struggling with the breakfast area nook.
June 23. Framer foreman: "there's a lot of work in that little roof" (i.e. there's a lot of intricate carpentry over the porch)
June 30. The crane comes in handy for installing exterior soffits. Most of the roof is now shingled, which is a relief with all the rain we've been having this season.
June 30. We can now get an idea of the view from the first floor of the octogon.
June 30. Panorama from the rock ledge in the back yard.