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July 27, 2004. Things get busy in July. It's hard to get a picture of the house without cars and garbage cans in the way.
Feb 29, 2004. As the first step in preparing for the 2004 summer season, I replaced the parrot mailbox (a sentimental favorite). The old one was a victim of rust and weather over the winter.
Jan 31, 2004. The big freeze. 3 degrees F in Harvey Cedars for the second time in a month. Many homes have had burst pipes & water damage. Our pipes are OK so far.
June 8, 2003. Between rain drops, Jayne lends some elbow grease to the outside clean up.
May 30. Jayne has planted flowers in the two outside planter boxes. This one is on the southeast side of the house.
May 30. This larger planter box is off the west corner of the house and can be seen by the walkers and joggers on the Boulevard.
May 20. The shore house's whimsical parrot mailbox. It's earmarked for restoration (see also new mailbox).
May 20. Jackie shows off the studio unit door that she refinished. I replaced the exterior door trim with vinyl composite (eternally white and rot-proof). The trees covering this area have been trimmed back to allow more light and keep things drier.
May 10. Jackie and Austin discover the long-buried street curb. This is our first work weekend at the house.
May 10. Austin raking the landscape gravel.
May 10. Jackie and Austin are making progress on the recovery of the curb.
May 10. Jackie is really into the digging.
Pre-closing. Exterior view from 74th Street (a.k.a. Lee Avenue)
Pre-closing. The mid-level deck in the rear of the house
Pre-closing. View west across the boulevard as seen from the mid-level deck.
Pre-closing. The upper deck, looking North-Northeast
Pre-closing. The upper deck, looking North (up the boulevard)
Pre-closing. The upper deck, looking East.