We started this project with a lot of excitement and some serious concerns. We knew that we could build a solid home. After all, we've done that on earlier projects. But this project would involve construction techniques and environmental issues entirely new for us. We also worried about whether we could build a solid home that would fit in with, and complement, the unique shore surroundings. Lee Avenue is an interesting neighborhood having a good mix of homes built in various periods over the last century. There are three historic homes on Lee Avenue, one dating to 1890. The street hasn't been dominated by the type of homes that break with the traditional island ambiance. Other parts of the island have not been so fortunate.The new home will incorporate many modern features, but few if any of these will be visible to the outside observer. The siding covering the house will be natural eastern white cedar shingles, selected because of their natural weathering appearance. The use of brick pavers will be kept well below the allowable maximum area. A top deck will be recessed and hidden, with a railing selected to blend in to the roof shingles. A shore-friendly landscaping plan is in the works.

Nice neighborhood!