What's New
Dec 9 - I installed the new roofcam to keep an eye on the weather and the weatherstation.
Sept 17 - I installed our weather station on the roof. Live data from the station will soon be available on the Web.
August 17 - Jackie & Jayne run in the Annual Dog Day Race (photos).
August 3 - The Associated Press published an article about the beach erosion issues in Harvey Cedars.
August 1 - The live daycam is back online.
July 31 - Another successful rental season ends. Thank you to all our tenants!

2007 Milestones

June 15 - The drip irrigation system starts up.
April 15 - Another nor'easter strikes.
April 7 - Ice surfing. Is this really Spring?
April 3 - KA-BOOM! NY Times reports on beach bombs.
March 29 - A quick look at the post-winter beach. Also, a peek at the super-fast whole-house water system drain.
January 8 - Reminder: This site is featured at houseblogs.net

2006 Milestones

November 24 - The surfing season ends.
November 23 - A Thanksgiving Day nor'easter hits the island.
November 9 - A border of VERY BIG river rocks sets off the arborvitae bed. Also, Jayne's mutant juniper arrives.
June 15 - Our home, our town and our island are at grave risk because of issues concerning access to the beaches.
May 30 - The international attic stairs are installed.
May 16 - Post-construction construction: new walls, attic stairs and clotheslines.
April 10 - The house that we built back in 1991 and sold in 2000 is for sale again. See the multimedia pitch here.
March 26 - Jackie completes the Ocean Drive Marathon.
March 9 - Sadly, the US is losing its critical attic stair technology race. If you've installed one of those wooden sets from Home Depot (or just been injured by one), you already know the awful truth.
January 18 - NJ puts the "dumb" in "dumbwaiter!". Our tax dollars at work.

2005 Milestones

August 30 - The exterior finishing phase is officially declared complete. Photos.
July 29 - Occupation begins. We have the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) allowing human habitation.
July 20 - We passed our final building inspection today.
April 21 - Insulation! Coaxial cables! Sheetrock! Soffits! Angry pigeons! My wife! They're at these links: exterior finishing, interior, systems and location photos.
February 2 - The framing stage is completed. (photos are here)

2004 Milestones

October 7 - Driving the piles is completed.
September 20 - DEMOLITION DAY!!

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