Journal #4 - Construction of the New House. Part 1 - Demolition

8/28/04 Busy Saturday.

The very last tenants (ever) vacate the old house.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car fails to produce the cargo van promised for this morning, greatly shifting my plans.

Jeff and I execute the contract at Jeff's house this morning, 8/28. Now the real fun begins!

After execution of the A107 contract, I work on getting a local apartment for the winter and selling several of the major appliances and fixtures.

I visit with the owners of a duplex on the Bay in Ship Bottom. The apartment is very nice, having just been rebuilt following serious burst-pipes water damage in last winter's deep freeze. Later, I sign an 8-month lease for the first floor. This will be my "winter quarters."

Jayne has advertised the stacked washer/dryer and the like-new studio electric range in local LBI papers. These are marketed in more detail on my Web site (see: For Sale Items.)

This afternoon, I show the washer/dryer to "Paul," who is renovating apartments in Beach Haven. He is also interested the studio split air conditioning unit and possibly the studio pedestal sink and shower doors. He leaves a deposit and promises to return with a trailer for the washer/dryer.

Verizon jumps the gun on my request to disconnect and removes the phone line by two weeks. And this was the phone number that Jayne used in her ads. At least they faxed the disconnect confirmation.

8/29/04 I help Paul load the washer/dryer onto his trailer. He and I look over other items. He will take the shower doors, pedestal sink and split air conditioning unit .

I move a load of items to South Salem in the Land Cruiser.

8/30/04 I reserve a van for the coming weekend so Greg and I can move the upper level electric range to his house and I can move the giant TV, Jackie's table and other items.
8/31/04 Jayne and I relocate the large outdoor planter to outside of the construction zone.

I return to Harvey Cedars.

9/01/04 I place the studio range on the curb with a for sale sign. It is soon sold to a Boro worker.

I dismantle studio unit air conditioner, pedestal sink, shower door. Paul later comes by to take them.

Jayne and Austin drive down to Harvey Cedars.

9/02/04 Fully signed lease for winter quarters. delivered by Jayne.
9/03/04 Moving company rep visits house to provide estimate. We schedule movers for 9/8/04. They will take major items to SUSA for storage.

Gas company rep visits to confirm for permit that there is no gas line connected.

I return to South Salem with a load of packed items.

9/04/04 Greg and I rent the van and drive to Harvey Cedars. Later we move projection TV, and other items to South Salem. I used a custom-built wooden "sled" to get the TV down the treacherous deck stairs.

We put more items on the curb for sale.

Final tally of items sold:

Item Sold To Price
Washer/Dryer Paul $400
Studio Shower Doors & Sink Paul $50
Studio AC Unit Paul $100
Studio Electric Range Boro worker $150
Studio Cast Iron Sink Steve
Architectural Salvage
Kitchen Stools Studio Photographer $15
Fiesta Gas Grille Passerby Free
Patio Dining Table Passerby Free

9/05/04 Jayne and Austin return to South Salem.
9/07/04 Greg and I return van.

I drive to Harvey Cedars and continue dismantling and packing.

Comcast disconnects cable and then faxes disconnect confirmation for permit.

9/08/04 Movers arrive early, pack and move items to my SUSA storage space.

Conectiv takes down power lines, leaving me without power or hot water for the night.

9/09/04 Jeff digs up water lines to shut off service. Three valves and an abandoned supply line are found. Boro rep is on hand to confirm for permit.

I move the two plastic lockers and other items intended for winter quarters. to SUSA in the Land Cruiser. That's about all that I can squeeze in.

Back at Lee Avenue, I meet Dave of Roberts HVAC. Dave is collecting the refrigerant from the AC unit. He is interested in taking the unit, fixing it up and using it in his home.. That's fine with me. I always prefer to see things go to use.

We remove the doors from studio refrigerator. Jeff checks with Dom Ross Demolition regarding disposal.

I load up one last time at the dead house and return to South Salem.

9/13/04 Tuckerton Lumber Company, our supposed supplier, is now claiming that lumber prices will be raised 10% due to demand caused by the recent hurricanes. Jeff is seeking alternate suppliers.
9/16/04 I drive to HC.

Dom Ross calls Jeff to say that he is running behind schedule. There will be no demolition tomorrow. Plan on Monday.

I salvaged the Closet Maid shelves from the master bedwoom closet.

9/17/04 Bought Leviton structured wiring box at Home Depot, Toms River.

Visited town hall to provide checks for permit fees. Met Claire (town building clerk) and Frank (multi-town building inspector). Frank is originally from Portchester. I paid for the building permit ($1832) and the zoning fee ($50).

Wrote and gave to Jeff a check for Perk's electric to reimburse them for getting the electrical permit.. Included both permit for temporary (construction) pole ($40) and the house wiring ($147).

9/19/04 Drove back to HC. Picked up sheets, towels, etc at SUSA.

Dom Ross' power shovel is parked in front of 2 East Lee.

Salvaged the range hood at Greg's request. Finished in the dark.

Moved into winter quarters. Very windy night.


Dom and crew arrive at 9am. Dom wants to salvage the tiny upstairs shower, which takes about an hour. Wrecking machine starts up at 10:15am. Done for the day at 4pm. About 85% done.

9/21/04 Dom Ross crew finishes cleaning up the lot.

Drive home.

9/22/04 Leon Tyszka sets survey pins for batter boards.
Jeff and his dad set up batter boards.
9/27/04 Pilings to be delivered.

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