Journal #1 - Hunting for a House

3/18/03 I spent a day touring 6 homes in Harvey Cedars, Barnegat Light and Ship Bottom. The duplex house on 74th Street (aka Lee Avenue) in Harvey Cedars, holds the most interest.
3/29/03 Jayne and I develop a price and make an initial offer.
4/01/03 Seller accepts offer, but only if closing is changed from May 30 to April 30 (gulp!). We agree.
4/02/03 Contract of Sale completed. We are now committed to close the sale by April 30! In the next four weeks: inspections, surveys, FEMA certificates, mortgage, insurance, title search, etc.
4/08/03 Inspections (structural and termite) nearly completed. Power to the house had been unexpectedly turned off by the local utility. Greg Cirillo of AmeriSpec was kind enough to return the next day, when power was returned, to finish the inspection at no extra charge.
4/15/03 Another visit to the new house. Jayne sees the place for the first time. I need to test the air conditioning units. Both work. This completes the inspections.
4/22/03 Received copies of the survey and FEMA elevation certificate.
4/30/03 Our originally planned closing date. It didn't happen. The good news is that we completed all our items by the deadline. A new date has been set for two days hence.
5/02/03 *** Our revised closing date.***

This time everything was ready. We are amazed at the closing process in New Jersey - it is so much simpler and informal compared to our New York experiences!

It's hard to believe that it was just six weeks ago that we started looking for houses.

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